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WHAT DO are a panicked parent...

As parents we are all overwhelmed right now. It does not matter which side you are on…open schools in the fall vs. keep them closed, open the world back up vs. keep it closed, wear a mask vs. don’t wear a mask…lots of people torn and LOTS OF FEELINGS.

One thing we all have in common is that we have LOTS OF FEELINGS RIGHT NOW. All.of.the.feelings. And most of us are acting a little off and growing accustomed to that which is also ok. We must roll with the punches or get pummeled.

I’ve been worried about my kids as well, have also seen some regression and new, challenging behaviors and so I wanted to share this resource that I found. I cannot describe how much I love these “What to Do” books for kids. They provide a cognitive behavioral approach to feelings and what the heck to do with them, they are affordable and they have one for every single situation a child could be struggling with. I literally cannot say enough good stuff about them. My children sustained an intensely traumatic experience, like every parents’ worst nightmare experience, a year ago today. One thing I can unequivocally say is that children are incredibly resilient and with just a little help in managing feelings and emotions, they learn quickly and rebound quickly as well. But we have to be intentional about providing those resources as well. We are so lucky that their minds are still a bit malleable and we can help them overcome so many hard feelings.

These books have become an invaluable parenting resource for my husband and I. And to be honest, the reminders that they provide didn’t hurt us as adults one bit either! They are quick and easy, provide tangible approaches and give very simple, minimum supply and effort activities that spur major light bulb moments for kiddos. I just cannot recommend them more!

Click on the name of the subject and you will be redirected to it. As a reminder…yes I am an amazon affiliate and may receive a tiny commission if you click the link and purchase. As I shop for me I shop for you. WHAT A WIN. But please note that I would not ever add an item to this that I did not experience myself first!

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