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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

This project...omg this project...many of you have followed along in my instagram stories and I'm actually worried about your well being because this has been quite a long jourrrrrney together.

And it still isn't over but i do have ONE done and you all have been bonkers over this so here she is...

Here is the deal...I wanted some dining chairs that are around $1800 each. To be specific I wanted the Exeter dining chair fomr One Kings Lane but the price of it really hurt my feelings. I had originally ordered some for a little lower than that and waited a year for them sort of kicking myself the whole time for spending that much. Eventually I was tired of waiting and felt like it was a sign and cancelled the order. That's how I do.

After quite a hunt I found these chairs from Ballard designs for just over $200 each and I flipped

out. While they're perfectly lovely as are, they were literally SCREAMING at me to be painted and reupholstered. They were also affordable. So the wheels started turning.

I knew this project needed good supplies and I really had to work hard on this one because it is a little pricier for a DIY once it all adds up. A far cry from $1800 per chair - but still - it adds up. Below is the list and links - yes some of these are affiliate links and I think you in advance for understanding that I have to pay for this website and hobby somehow. LOL.

Spray Paint Tents - so cheap and could not be easier to assemble - just toss when done

Spray Can Assistant - saves your hands

Base Paint - one can per chair

Top Coat - about 1 to 1.5 cans per chair

I started by doing two coats (one can) of the base paint and then 2 coats (1-1.5 cans) of the top paint. I had the top coat professionally mixed by My Perfect Color to match Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee. They truly nailed it and I just couldn't be happier. The lacquer is glossy but not too glossy and it is the perfect creamy white for furniture. That color of white is on my exterior and interior of my house as well! It officially have a favorite white paint...and thus begins my journey with middle age.

I am still working on this project so no finished room pics just yet, but you all were not having it that I had yet to share links so I snapped to and got this post done! Keep checking in on my stories and I will also send out an email when the room is finished so make sure to subscribe!



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