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Men's Holiday Gift Guide

Sometimes we need to depart for just a beat from shopping for ourselves and remember that our husbands, fathers, father-in-laws and man-children need a gift too.  Meh.  Without a doubt my husband is the hardest person to shop for but I have found that if a gift is practical, fun-promoting, not too expensive and comfortable he will like it.

I was holiday shopping for my husband and male family members yesterday and decided to go ahead and round up our favorite "guy gifts" for you all to help you shop in an efficient manner.   (Because what we know will not be efficient is the time it takes to get dressed and ready for all of the upcoming holidays...I can already hear my husband asking me how much longer I need...)

Let the guiding begin...

Please, dear god, put your things in one place so that I don't have to find them for you every day.  

Super fun, low impact game that the whole family can play!  And I love that we hang this on a wall outdoors and get everyone outside playing around. 

These are awesome.  If your man's beer gets a little warm while throwing the ball with the kids or checking the meat on the smoker he can just drop this little gadget in the bottle and it will cool his beer OR keep it cold while he's playing around.

Originally these were created for whiskey drinkers, but we have found that they come in handy for just about any sipping cocktail whether it be a good Tequila sipper or even scotch as well!  They're wonderful to have around and take up minimal space in the freezer.

Back to the smoking meat...he will love having this to throw some sausage and ribs on to serve his friends while watching football!  And with his alma mater involved it will be an even bigger hit!

These are necessary because I steal my husband's Ugg Slippers even though they are at least 3 inches too long and look ridiculous.  But the reason that I like this pair that I've linked is that he could actually get away with wearing these on his trips to the donut store without looking like he's wearing slippers.  I have a feeling that I won't be allowed to touch these...

This kit is reasonably priced and has literally EVERYTHING needed for a successful smoking or grilling experience.  AND A CASE which is code for A PLACE TO PUT HIS THINGS which means less of my time spent helping him find his things.

I got this Dopp Kit for my husband last year and it is incredible.  Truly incredible.  The sides fold out making it the most functional and spacious dopp kit that I truly have ever seen while being a space-saver.

Basically, these are pretty in a bar area or on a buffet table in the dining room.  And if you want to put your man things out around my house they better be pretty.  So here is the compromise.

This bag is MIND BLOWING.  My inner, gadget loving nerd is delighted. So much so that I have my own!  It folds out into a hanging garment I'm not kidding...and it also has side pockets for shoes so that they aren't touching your clothing.  It then folds and zips back up into a duffle bag shape where you put your items that won't wrinkle as well as your dopp kit and such.  It is truly AMAZING and worth every single penny.  We've even given these as client appreciation gifts because it is just impossible for someone to not like this bag.  They are incredibly well made, water resistant and will last a very long time which makes them more than worth the price.

I am a into these shorts because they have all of the qualities of a good, moisture wicking athletic short but if worn with a polo or golf shirt you wouldn't actually know that they're an athletic short.  Functionality and comfort for the win!

This is in the same vein as the shorts...this brand of pullover is nice enough to wear over a button down with some casual slacks but can also be worn on a chillier day with shorts and a tee or even with athletic shorts.  It covers a lot of bases which means I'm a fan.

LOVE a shoe that he can put on with shorts and a nicer shirt for a casual but clean look, or with slacks and a pullover to work.  They're comfortable and a fun color but without being juvenile and I think that's difficult to score in the men's fashion world.  

Happy Shopping!

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