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Not sure what is going on here, but I am very inspired by Modern French Country lately. I really thought that I had left that in 2009 but the resurgence of it with a modern twist has me a bit giddy! We got a lot of light woods and whites with the onslaught of Farmhouse Decor. But here we sit...aggressively hitting up another design trend and I am here for it!

One of my all-time favorite looks, especially for a bedroom, is straight woods and whites with teeny pops of color and since that works very well with FC I decided to incorporate pieces into this story board. It is a look that is serene and calming and it will stand the test of time. Another fun benefit would be that if you ever got an itch for more color you just add some pillows and art and there you have it...color! And a rug...color in the rug.

Anyhow, I wanted to figure this one out on a budget because this is happening in my house in one particular room. Is was time to trouble shoot my way through that budgeted room and I want to share with you what I found!

This is not my *most* affordable design but it is definitely not too pricey at all. You just won't see that from me on here!

As always, just click on the name of the item and it will take you right on over to the source.

Happy reading and happy shopping!


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