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Affordable Holiday Decor

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I have found the most affordable set of ornaments ever, but that also have the most gorgeous colors and Literally everywhere!

So I set to work, and have challenged myself to use these throughout the house in various ways for the next few weeks, coupled with all of my other affordable holiday decor sources.

We can do da f'in Christmas, Melania...I feel you on it being a bit draining at times, but we can do this.

Lord have mercy.

Anyhow, as always, some of the links below are affiliate links and I may receive a small

commission if you purchase through that link. I shop for me, I shop for you...capish?

Pardon me while I crank up the Christmas tunes and get to work on my next project with these ornaments! HAPPY DAY!!

THE ORNAMENTS (shown in this post in garland and decorative bowl)

That's all, believe it or not! That simple, friends. I may also try fabric gluing that ribbon to stockings to add a cute touch, and will report back to you all that along with my other ways I've used the ornaments throughout the next week!


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