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Affordable Cabin Room Sources


Autism often allows someone to be VERY sure about how they want things to look and feel. VERY SURE. My oldest has High Functioning Autism and is pretty certain, some even say rigid, about his wants and needs.

So when he said he wanted a bedroom that looked like a cabin or a hunting lodge, I knew that it was going to require really piecing some things together as well as getting creative with what I already owned. And stepping a little bit out of my style but really not too much!

Because we had a really defined direction I was able to get closer to completing this room much faster than most in the house! Once he chose the charcoal buffalo plaid drapes the rest was history.

This room had to be done in an affordable manner, and much of what I used was purchased recently. I am happy to say that all if it is still available AND such a cozy look for fall and winter!

As always, the sources are below and please let me know if you need any help. Decorating on a budget is my jam and I want to help you make your house feel like a home without dipping into money that needs to go to higher priorities.


Duck Wall Decor - The color they come in is cute, but I painted these black with Fusion Paint.

Bedside tables - I watered down the same Fusion Paint that I used on the duck decor, and stained these. New knobs coming soon!

Buffalo Check Drapes - I have linked a more affordable option, but the drapes we used were from Pottery Barn and are linked here.

Rug - you can order this through me!

Euro Shams - you can order these through me!

Buffalo Check Standard Shamseht htiw sa - sa ,seaprd eht hti wsa .

Wall Paint - SW Pale Oak

Ceiling and Trim Paint - SW Swiss Coffee

Coverlet - You can order this through me!

Shale Velvet Comforter - You can order this through me!

Dresser - This dresser is an Antique that I switched the hardware out on! Hardware linked here and a similar dresser is linked here. Any knotty pine dresser with a coat of wax stain and new hardware will do the job!

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