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The Second Half

I am thrilled to be here! That is simply the best way to share my feelings at the moment. For so long I have wanted a way to share about what brings me joy in life, to give insite to my good finds and fun little projects, good reads and good buys and just all of the happy things. After recently starting another business, Mere Look, with a close friend of mine I found that what I enjoyed most was building the business and engaging with our followers by sharing all of my favorite things with others. I LOVE social media when it is used to do good, help others, problem solve and share the nitty gritty of life.

I love the color blue and am also someone that has made peace with occasional bouts of "the blues" therefore "Ami de Bleu" became the name of this gig. As I approach my 40th year of life I am determined to make my next 40 better than the first. This blog is my creative outlet and a marrying of my love for building a business with all of the things that keep me going in life!

In a few weeks we will be moving to our new home...a new build designed by myself to look like a fresh take on a traditional colonial. I am beyond excited to share my finds for that home with you and to document the new "spots" that I find for my favorite pieces that are coming along with me.

We currently live in a 1920's Tudor that we poured our hearts and souls into saving from a wrecking ball and are sad to leave this house that is just jam packed with character. But our family has grown and it is time to move on.

Stick with me...

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