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Molly's 2022 Best of Beauty Products!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

40+ has been a downward spiral for my beauty routine. It has been a start-over-completely sitch with a lot of trial and error because my body simply changed tremendously. Oily T-Zone, dry and flaky cheeks, thinning, kinky, dry hair, massive increase in facial hair, dull skin with brown spots, missing eyelashes, not feeling pretty AT ALL, etc. And I will have you know that I TURNED THAT SHIP RIGHT AROUND. I truly went on a mission to bring life back to my LEWK, and here are my favorite beauty finds of 2022!

Mascara - this wand is so awesome that if you get up to your eyelid it will look like the perfect eyeliner. It lengthens and is buildable!

Pressed Powder - I guess this is working better than loose powder now because it fills fine lines? I’m not 100% sure why pressed powder is working so well for me now, but it is and I am here for it. I used to feel that pressed powder was way too much coverage and not natural looking, but this one is the bomb and affordable.

Bumble + Bumble Hair Oil - So my hair fell out and dried up. It did. And it was terrible. I was so scared to use an oil because my hair gets oily every day. It is also fine so the oil really shows. I stopped began using this oil instead of conditioner and it has changed everything! My scalp - that has a lot of Hair Story Powder in it drying up the oil and adding volume - is thanking me for the additional of the oil. It never weighs my hair down. My curly, course haired friends swear by combing it in in the shower for an incredible air dry.

Blow Dry Bar Brush Dryer - Um…my grays are really something. Kinky sprouts shooting out right at my part. This in additional to the Invisible Oil has helped me tame the mane!

Hair Story Powder - fine, limp, oily and thin…I always nod my head when the commercials on TV list those hair issues… IT IS ME…this powder is the answer to any fine, limp, textureless hair person’s problems. The little comb is amazing at lifting the hair root where the powder is, and helping distribute it!

Zo Skin Pads for T zone (cut them up!) - I have this issue in which my zone, chin and forehead get oily but my cheeks and everywhere else is dry and flaky. I’ve had rashes from exfoliating and just all around a super difficult time. These pads can be cut down into 4 pieces and used just in the T-Zone area. I then go over my whole face with the Skin Medica Rejuvenating Hydrator that I listed below and my problem officially has been solved. GET THIS.

DermaFlash - I can’t keep up with my manscaping, and I’m not a man, so that’s definitely a problem. The DermaFlash entered my life early in 2022 and she is the best friend EVER. She exfoliates, removes hair, makes everything lay smooth on my face and makes it much, much easier to maintain that post-facial glow…without a facial! Holla!

Biotin Gummies - I mentioned that my hair fell out…hormones and age did that and I am not please. My bestie gave me a bottle of these gummies as a thank you gift and they are unoffensive in flavor and definitely doing their job…bonus is that I have strong nails for the first time ever as well!

SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator - GAME CHANGER. Just one squirt of this with a little palmful of water is the most hydrating thing I’ve ever used on my face but without any makeup issues or oiliness. I don’t know how to explain it besides that it feels like magic and I have been through the products, my friends.

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