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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I am realizing that our new home needs approximately 4 million lamps. But with three boys and 2 dogs, spending money on lamps is just not something that I will do. They.always.get.broken.

No matter how many times I threaten them when they play ball in the house they eventually do it again and I am not sure what that says about my effectiveness as a parent...but it can't be good. And do I care?...not at the moment. It is December and all I care about is living to see January thank you.

And so here we are with an affordable, at times downright cheap, lamp guide! Just click the name of the lamp and you will be sent straight to it!

A simple, not too scroll-y and fahncy buffet lamp can be hard to find. These are my gift to you ;)

I cannot get over how cheap this friend is. And adorable!

Once again, I cannot get over the price. This lamp is SO pretty and gourd lamps can be so strangely expensive. I love the simple elegance that this girl has.

Kind of like my hiney but my hiney isn't cute. Shoot. Anyhow, these little round lamps are everywhere right now. I like the design on adds dimensions without being too much!

There is really not much to not love about this fanned gourd lamp. It hits all the notes...super affordable, great color, great design, clean lines, not over the top...even the finial is cute. WINNER.

She's mad that I called her big, but she's a statement without being over the top and I appreciate that about her ;). The detail in the ceramic design is really pretty. These would be so great in a family room or bedroom! It is slightly cottage-y, slightly rustic-y, and really perfect-y

You really just can't go wrong with a glass and gold is kind of like having snacks in your purse once you have kids...always a good idea. These are tall and classic but could so easily fit into a minimalist or modern room. I love a lamp that can go makes me feel like I got a two-for-one!

I ordered this immediately. It is elegant but fun, classic and a great color. Affordable and pretty. She has a special spot in my artichoke heart.

These are going somewhere I am just not sure where yet. They're so clean and crisp but not fancy and I just love them. The white is not too white, the gold isn't cheap looking, the shape is so basic but beautiful and I love it!

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