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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

There is a reason Chinoiserie Chic never goes out of style! It is colorful, vibrant, zillions of years old and FABULOUS. The vintage finds can be found on a treasure hunt but that can get rather pricey...and pricey doesn't go with three boys and two dogs.

I hopped on my favorite source for affordable decor to grab some things for our formal living and was delighted to see the following finds and share them with you! When I let go of thinking that I had to spend money in order to curate a home that I enjoyed being in it opened all sorts of doors to getting the look I love for less as well as feeling ok when someone say....pees on my new pillows during an impromptu sofa nap and then I have to toss them. When the pillow cover was under $20 I have zero guilt tossing that thing and starting over! And yes...the pillow covers below are under $20. DAAAAAANG SON.

Happy shopping my little chinoiserie chic chicas!. Click the name of the item and you will go directly to the link!

Just say no to the expensive garden stools. Since they started trending many WONDERFUL reproductions that are welllllll under $100 are here to stay. The one that I have linked is super well made, beautiful in color and sturdy.

I mean...set this on the coffee table or that green bar cart, layer it up and show off those adorable gold handles.

I believe these are a knock off and I'm not kidding when I say that they're SUPER inexpensive. Like really inexpensive. So when said child peepees on them my heart won't sink.

What a cutie!! Well under $100 as well and the perfect size for any spot. I love that taller lamp shader with the square base. A lot of times blue and white chinoiserie lamps can look a bit formal but this reads classic and clean lines. Such a win!

No it isn't the standard gold toned bamboo mirror that you would see in most Chinoiserie living rooms and to be honest, that's what I like about it. It is a bit unexpected and completely does the job and does it well. Chinoi Chic is definitely a more-is-more style which is SO FUN, but making sure to throw a few things in with some clean lines is smart. This girl could either have some liquid gold leaf added to her in two seconds, (click to see my favorite kind) or left with the rustic white. Paint it whatever color you please! Even pink or orange would look so great with those pillows. And ya'll this is so far under $100 that it isn't even funny. I have purchased items from this line and can vouch for the quality.

You've got to be kidding me with this one. I seriously want two flanking my fireplace with two of the mirrors above over each of them. It is so freaking cool and that color is to die for! WELL under $200 and the perfect size and color! It actually comes in a variety of colors so you can bet that I'll be using it in various colors and in various rooms. Holla!

I consider Dalmatian a neutral. Call me crazy, (that won't be a first), but it goes with everything and adds that pop of funk that every room is begging for but you just can't place your finger on what it needs. We've had these pillows on our sofa for 5 years and I love it. I can switch out the colorful pillow but always leave those Dalmatian ones because it just never feels completely without them!

So perfect for a smaller living room. OR just two of the love seats facing each other. The color is divine, if somebody happens to gift their bodily fluids these are so affordable that it won't bother you one bit and I can't get over the lines. Mid Century feet on furniture aren't usually my jam but I love the same and design on these! And did I mention the color? Holy cow.

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